What's Up Tiger Lily?

American International Pictures had bought the rights to a Japanese 007-spoof film called Kagi No Kagi and wanted to dub it into English and not use the original dialogue, but a new comical one. They offered a deal of $75,000 to Woody Allen to come in and basically just lie down dialogue to put in with the already shot footage. Kagi No Kagi became What's Up, Tiger Lily? with a whole new point of view. Woody appears several times in the film and was given the title of "re-release director" in the credits. Also put into the film were sequences with the band Lovin' Spoonful.

"I had my friends with me, and we went to a dubbing studio, watched the Japanese actors on the screen, and dubbed their voices into English. It was a very stupid enterprise; stupid and juvenile." (Bjorkman 15) Once again, after completing the film Woody wanted his name removed from it and even went so far as to sue the producers to try to keep it from being distributed. The film opened with success from both the audiences and critics.

I found the film to be quite fun, and full of energy. I'm not sure why Allen would want his name removed from the film, as it is such an early example of his comical genius. There are several unfunny scenes in the film. The scenes that do work make up for them, unlike in What's New Pussycat? where there were no funny scenes.

Bjorkman, Stig. Woody Allen on Woody Allen. New York: Grove Press, 1993.