Stardust Memories

Allen makes a serio-comedic attempt to explain to us why he doesn't want to make comedies anymore. He says that with all the human injustice in the world, he no longer feels funny. He plays a film director, with a life oddly similar to his own. I get the point he's trying to make here, but couldn't he have just told us this story in a press release instead of subjecting us to this film? Whether it's an autobiographical story or not, it's just not a compelling character.

Also, throughout the entire film, weird people keep bothering Allen at a film festival, which shows us exactly how Allen feels about his fans. Sharing with the world that you despise your fans really doesn't seem like a good career move. Although, you would think that whole Soon-Yi business isn't a good career move either, but apparently no one cares because the Woodman is still going strong.

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